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Studio Lessons

Drawing is learning how to define what you see and then translating this to a chosen medium. Developing a common approach can simplify your work whether you use a computer, pencil, paint or any other depictive tools.

The approach I present here looks at a drawing as an organic whole. It begins with and returns to objects and space in a circular manner.

We will first see how a few simple techniques can organize and proportion the image and eases its depiction. We call this “awareness.”

After this we introduce some of the basic tool of drawing. We will start by looking at the line. This is the most basic unit of a drawing. We will explore how different qualities of line can capture the form and essence of an object or scene.

Next we look at the drawing as a whole. This will show how the to create the over all quality of a drawing or composition.

Finally, we return to the world of objects and form. We will see that what we draw can tell us allot about the space we are depicting. This will bring us back to our initial subject and allow us to form an intention about what we have observed.

Building a solid base of fundamental skills, these classes help to develop clear expression, by uncovering the artists intention.  

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Sighting on the Grid
Figure Ground
True Horizontal and Vertical
Line Quality
The Diagrammatic line
The Structural line
The Calligraphic Line
The Expressive Line
The Unrestricted Line
Multiple Divisions
Figure / Ground
Self Contained
Leading the Eye
Meeting the Sky
Meeting the Ground
Points in Space
Recession of Planes
Design in Depth
Ascent and Descent
Convexity and Concavity
Relationship to the Human Figure