Union Gap Illustration  
There have never been at our disposal more means of representation, more different ways to explore space, surface and their relationships. One means of selection may be to simply ask ourselves why; why we have drawn a thing as we have or used a particular means of representation and what that means to our intentions in the design.
-Akin and Weinel
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Welcome to 2beepencilworks, a creative outlet for the sharing of ideas and dreams to inspire the artist within all of us. The Arts inspires and empowers, allowing us to find meaning in life through self-expression by communicating the unique way we experience the world. Please visit over the coming months to see how we change and grow.

Approaching any subject the first time can be daunting. This is especially noticeable when you begin a drawing. Looking at an object or scene reveals a flood of information that can quickly overwhelm the artist.

I offer small group classes on a weekly basis on drawing with intention. These will occur over 10 weeks in a studio conveniently located on Queen Anne Hill.



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